Your marketing development matters

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in any line of work is extraordinarily valuable to both employers and employees. From networking, to professional or self-learning, the skills and knowledge acquired enable you, as well as the business, to provide added value.

CPD is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to current and future employers by keeping up to date and learning new and expanding current skills. It is all about improving knowledge, grasping new insights, and ensuring you remain current and effective as a marketing professional. It is relevant throughout your career, whether you are new to marketing or an experienced professional wishing to keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques. This is particularly pertinent in today’s world, where there are always new technological advancements to marketing practices. In the last year alone, we have witnessed a drastic change in global privacy policies, multiple google algorithm updates, new social media features, and increased security on social messaging apps. Above all, we have seen events marketing turn virtual in a way we as an industry never expected.  

According to the 2014 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement survey of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 40% of employees rated job-specific training as ‘very important’ to their satisfaction, followed by professional development and networking at 36%.

Forbes magazine also published a list of 10 things your employer should pay for and membership fees made the cut.  

Marketing Leaders Circle (MLC) is a members-only paid for platform. It provides anyone working within a marketing role in the global B2B media and entertainment industry with a platform to network, learn, and create change. Amongst many other benefits, members receive further education about the industry from industry professionals, collaborate with other marketing professionals, and connect with members around the globe.

MLC is a hub of knowledge powered by an experienced driving force with a wealth of understanding of the industry. 

Here is a simple step by step guide on how you can join MLC and our expanding Circle, at no cost to yourself.

Step 1: Information about the membership and platform

Find and collate the cost, features and benefits.

Step 2: Compare membership or training fees with other alternatives

Marketing Leaders Circle is the only platform of its kind for marketing professionals in the B2B media and entertainment space, however you can always benchmark the membership fees against other highly sought-after marketing membership platforms such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Step 3: List Possible ROI for the Company

Move the spotlight as far away from you as possible. What if higher-ups do not approve of your manager’s choice for agreeing to this expense? That is why citing ROI is a more logical avenue to go down. Possible ROIs you can refer to are: 

  • Passing on new skills to your team
  • Accepting more responsibility
  • Bringing new ideas to the table
  • Keeping you up to date with marketing and industry trends, such as security threats, new marketing software or even different legislation
  • Building brand recognition and learning from other key players in the industry and fellow experienced marketers
  • Drumming up leads and referrals from the people you meet

Step 4: Tax Credits and Deductions

Some countries allow businesses to redeem tax deductions or credits for investing in their employee’s training or development. But not all education and training programs are eligible, so check with the accounting department or a tax consultant first. 

Step 5: Approach Your Manager

Let your manager know the platform you want to join, or the course you wish you take. 90% of the time your superior will not say no. You will be surprised at how many CEOs would want to actively facilitate your growth. They may already be a member themselves.

What counts as CPD?

CPD can be split into four divisions:

  1. Self-directed learning 
    1. General reading
    1. Research
    1. Informal networking (social media contribution, blogging)
  • Practice-based learning 
    • On the job training
    • Work shadowing
    • Projects outside scope of role
  • Professional activity 
    • Job promotion
    • Professional journals
    • Attending exhibitions
  • Formal learning
    • Qualifications
    • Training
    • E-learning

Becoming a member of a platform that is, one, targeted to your industry, and two, directly related to your line of work, enables you to check off some of those bullet points outlined above. Whether you are starting out or you have worked in the media and entertainment industry for over twenty years, MLC membership will help support and inspire you at every stage of your marketing career.

With marketers in mind, MLC was created to help you develop your marketing capabilities, expand your marketing communities, and keep you up-to-date and informed.

We welcome industry marketing professionals globally to join the circle and be part of an expanding network. Become part of our Circle today by joining MLC where we bring marketers with specialist industry knowledge together.

Annual membership is just £149 (or currency equivalent). Apply here >>