Marketing Leaders Circle Welcomes AVIXA as Founding Patron

London, United Kingdom 14 June 2021 Marketing Leaders Circle (MLC), the leading platform for marketers working in the global B2B media and entertainment industry, is delighted to announce that leading AV industry association AVIXA has joined the organisation as a Founding Patron.

With the IABM and DPP already firmly established as Founding Patrons, the addition of AVIXA broadens the reach of the organisation to cover the entire AV industry and reflects the convergence that is underway across the global media and entertainment industry.

“When I first heard about the concept of the Marketing Leaders Circle I thought it was a wonderful idea,” comments Dan Goldstein, Chief Marketing Officer, AVIXA. “It’s always valuable to get a sense of what other marketers are doing in other industries, especially in the current climate, but what has been missing from established channels so far is a peer network that is focused on media and entertainment technology. Our converged industries have evolved considerably over the past two decades and the role of marketing within them has grown considerably too. By joining the MLC as a Founding Patron, we ensure all AVIXA members at all levels, from new hires to CMOs, will have access to all the benefits of this dynamic and fast-growing community of global marketers.”

An important part of AVIXA’s new status at the very centre of the MLC is dialogue at all levels between the two organisations. To facilitate this, MLC members will automatically become enrolled in the free tier of AVIXA’s membership program, providing access to webinars, tradeshows, an introductory AV course, training, and more. The two organisations will also work together on joint projects in the future, promoting the value of membership of each other’s organisations to the industry as a whole.

“We are delighted to welcome AVIXA to the Marketing Leaders Circle as a Founding Patron,” comments Sadie Groom, Founder and Acting Managing Director, MLC. “The MLC was founded to be a resource for all marketing professionals in the global media and entertainment industry, and AVIXA’s expertise in the AV sector is going to be invaluable as we move towards an increasing converged future.”

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