Roundtable: Chiefs Table


17.00 – 17.25: Roundtable discussion: The top trends that will impact your marketing role in 2021
Having come out of a challenging 2020, it’s a rocky path ahead in 2021, so maintaining momentum to pivot and innovate remains critical . Our marketing chiefs highlight the trends that will impact marketing and their role next year and give their view on what they think you should be spending your time and money on, and why.


  • Cindy Zuelsdorf, Founding Partner, Kokoro Marketing, USA
  • Jarmila Yu, Founder & Consulting CMO, YUnique Marketing Ltd, UK
  • Nicolas Bourdon, Chief Marketing Officer, EVS Broadcast Equipment, Belgium

Moderator: Ellen Grogan, Senior Strategic Manager, Media and Entertainment Content Marketing, Unity Technologies

17.25 – 17.35: Questions from the audience

17.35 – 17.50: CMO Perspective: In Conversation with Jarmila Yu
Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, in 2021 consistent brand storytelling will be critical to connecting with your customer. We speak to marketing guru, Jarmila Yu about how brands should be thinking and what they should be doing to stand out in an unpredictable year ahead. Why is purpose so central to your business? And what unexpected learnings can be taken from B2C marketing practices?

17.50 – 18.00: Questions from the audience

18.00: Close


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