Influencers in b2b marketing

The age of influence: Measuring the impact of B2B influencer marketing

Companies of all sizes and shapes are turning to earned exposure through influencer marketing but are not clear on exactly how or what the best practices are. This Circle Talks session digs deep into the why, how and benefits and flaws of B2B Influencer Marketing.
If you think of influencer marketing, likely to come to mind are popular YouTube figures working with beauty brands or gaming companies to appeal to the consumer. But the marketing of B2B influencers does not necessarily look the same.

The overall concept is identical, but the influencers, types of content and the rest of the process can be quite different.

In this session we’ll be discussing:

  • Why have an influencer marketing program at all?
  • Where do you start? How do you decide which influencer is a fit for your business and how do you create a strategy around that?
  • B2C influencer campaigns often see immediate traction and a return off the back of a single mega influencer post, but the B2B buying cycle takes a lot longer. When can you expect to see results from a B2B influencer marketing program?
  • How do you measure the success of the channels where standard engagement measures don’t play such a key part?
  • Should businesses be using more influencers in cooperation with their ABM strategy?
  • Proving Influence: How can you measure the value of the engagement, not the volume?

We’ll also be looking at case examples of what’s worked and what hasn’t and how to get the best out of your influencer.


  • Jarmila Yu, Founder & Consulting CMO, YUnique Marketing Ltd, UK 


  • Oliver Lewis, Founder, The Fifth 

Oliver Lewis founded influencer marketing agency The Fifth in March 2019, and The Fifth Talent a year later. He leads the agency group, running the day-to-day operations and strategy. Clients include Disney, TAG Heuer and Kendo brands. Oliver started his media career at News UK, where he held a variety of senior commercial roles.

  • Charlotte Williams, Founder, SevenSix & Influencer

Charlotte Williams is the founder of SevenSix Agency, the influencer marketing agency with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Charlotte is fast becoming a go to voice for brands wanting consultancy on inclusive marketing strategies and regularly speaks for and works with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, alongside sitting on roundtables and panels with industry figureheads such as the ASA and Advertising Association.

  • Cathy Crawley, Global Marketing Director, Cooke Optics 

Cathy leads the global marketing, content, commercial social media and community management for Cooke Optics, the iconic British historical cine lens manufacturer making “the best glass in the world” for cinematographers and their favourite hire companies worldwide. She has over 30 + years in direct sales, marketing, customer relationship management, business development, market research, public relations, online marketing, fundraising, recruitment, production/ post production talent management, digital media and social & business networking.


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