Marketing reporting

Reporting and ROI: Getting the formula down to a tee (open for all)

Ways to Measure Your Marketing ROI and Report On The Results  

You’ll need to regularly review your efforts across the board to ensure you’re investing in tactics that will deliver the best results for your brand and ultimately impact your revenue pipeline.

It’s not always easy to track, quantify and report to the board on those results, especially when it comes to the earlier stages of the marketing funnel. Putting a monetary value on strategies like content marketing, social media or individual ad campaigns that might be essential for generating leads but don’t close the deal themselves can be difficult to measure.

So, we’re asking three experts how they measure the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing efforts, why it’s so important to do so and some of the difficulties/limitations they’ve experienced along the way.



17:00: Introduction
17:05: Dan intro & interview with Pete
17:15: Dan interview with Jason
17:25: Dan interview with Ronen
17:35: Group discussion
17:50: Q&A
18:00: Close


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