Marketing Tactics in the Absence of Tradeshows

Industry events such as IBC, NAB and CES are firmly part of the media and entertainment sector’s marketing schedule, however, with the constant flow of cancellations and postponements, we’ve now had nearly a year of no tradeshows.  For those of us who heavily relied on exhibitions for lead generation, we are having to rethink our marketing plans for this year and beyond.

When you are at a physical event, sales and marketing teams are able to quickly assess the buying stage of the visitor, showcase the product and build confidence in the brand.   In a universally virtual world, we need to provide new ways of connecting with each different customer type to find what they’re looking for, in appropriate forms, that will spark their imagination and earn their trust. It’s been a time to think innovatively, be agile and find alternative ways to both retain awareness now and to build anticipation for when shows return.

In this session, we’ll be looking at how companies have been using, losing or holding their marketing budgets, and how they have been activating:

  • Activities for brand awareness
  • Initiatives to engage potential purchasers
  • Campaigns to gain a competitive advantage
  • Plans to come back to the show floor when it is ‘show-time’ again

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