Why you should work with industry publications – what the publishers say!

As a marketer, if you weren’t already increasing your efforts and investment in digital, after the global events of the last year, you almost certainly have now. One of the great advantages of digital marketing, is that analytics and KPIs are so accessible and, in turn, calculating ROI on your marketing activities becomes almost trivial. […]

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Marketing Development

Your Marketing Development Matters

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in any line of work is extraordinarily valuable to both employers and employees. From networking, to professional or self-learning, the skills and knowledge acquired enable you, as well as the business, to provide added value. CPD is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to current and future employers by keeping […]

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Lockdown Re-brand

Author: Ben Davenport, Portfolio & Marketing Strategy at Vidispine – an Arvato Systems brand You may have noticed that we’ve made a few changes at Vidispine and Arvato Systems this week – specifically the bringing together of our portfolios for media management and monetization under a re-launched Vidispine brand. For the past year or so, […]

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